Wednesday, January 21, 2015

State of the Union (Foreign Policy)

Weird how Obama claims credit for deescalating issues with Russia all the while they annex territory and a winter naval port from Ukraine.  Russia continue to steadily advance their outlined 20 year agenda while in formal military alliance negotiates with Iran (Didn’t Obama say Iran was coming along as well?)  Obama also failed to address radical Islamic hostilities towards America, our allies and the civilized world as he briefly mentioned the ISIL is on the run.  Quite the contrary from what is actually happening in the Middle East as reports from Iraq are that they are in advance and now spreading into Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Obama does not even mention many of the other terror groups who are stronger and regions that are more unstable since he has come to office.  He goes about his speech as if things are going very well in the Middle East, all the while US naval ships are under way to evaluate our embassy in Yemen following radical Islamic terrorist storming the presidential palace and taking the President hostage.

While this administration’s foreign policy is a wreck, the only thing he does actually mention as a threat…the one thing he does say that pose the greatest rick to national security is climate change.  I wonder when the last time climate change decapitated and executed thousands of individuals in the Middle East and seek to commit acts of terror and destruction throughout the world?  This president has severally failed fighting radical Islam and the administration cannot even understand who the enemy really is.             

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